Personal Training

Strength and Conditioning Coaching at Evolve Health and Fitness

Personal training sessions are one-on-one and are designed and tailored individually towards your goals. The process starts with a consultation to understand and outline your motivations and goals, this is then followed by the trainer to create a specified and individualised  program for the you.

The trainer will take you personally through the program in the gym, keeping an eye on form and technique whilst demonstrating and explaining any new exercises. They will also look to motivate you to push yourself and keep you focused.

Each week the trainer will check-in with you to evaluate and assess your progress. This can be measured by weigh ins, body fat calculations, strength and body condition and/or your fitness and endurance, relevant to your personal goals. It is also worth noting that the trainer will also keep an eye on your general health and wellbeing.

If progress has stalled or slowed down then the trainer will make adjustments to your program and exercise regime to improve progress once more.

The trainer can also help you with other elements of your lifestyle, such as diet and nutritional advice and can write you a tailored diet plan to assist you in reaching your goals.

If you are someone who is looking for to:

  • Lose or manage their weight

  • Tone up and body conditioning

  • Build muscle and strength

  • Improve fitness and endurance

  • Sports specific training

  • Motivation and accountability

  • Expand their Knowledge and guidance in the gym

  • Learn great technique on your exercises

  • Expand on your exercise repertoire