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Joshua's experience in the health and fitness industry spans over 10 years. He has helped treat people with injuries and assisted in their rehabilitation back into work or sport. He has also worked with and treated TEAM GB athletes at the University of Bath whilst he carried out his studies. This has given Joshua the skills and knowledge to treat people from all types of backgrounds.

Joshua had an internship with Bath Rugby Club where he helped to treat their players, alongside their physiotherapists. He gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience during this time which he is grateful for.

His experience working in several physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics in the Bristol and Bath area has given him the skills and knowledge to confidently say that he has great expertise in treating back, neck and shoulder problems.

He thoroughly enjoys helping people reach their health and fitness goals as well as aiding people who've suffered from injury to make a speedy and complete recovery.

Specialises in treating:

How I can help you develop a realistic and achievable plan to reach your goals

Sports Injury Therapy

The injury recovery world is exploding with research, technology, and new treatments, all of which can help you speed your recovery


Acupuncture is a timeless healthcare modality, with documented effectiveness in treating disorders such as arthritis, migraines, depression, and muscle and joint pain

Personal Training

Personal trainers, with their focus on one-on-one training, are an ideal choice for people who prefer working with just one individual.


The benefits of massage are well documented. In fact, doctors and hospitals are starting to include massage therapy as one of their primary treatments for acute and chronic pain


In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is believed to be an ancient form of healing. Its roots lie in the idea that cupping releases toxins from the body by suction and, in turn, encourages circulation


The coach's objective in the sport of Powerlifting is to teach lifters to build their strength, improve their technique, and help them achieve their personal performance goals






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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Geraldine Taylor
Josh is an expert in his field... I would recommend him to anyone with muscle injuries as he knows exactly what he is doing.
Adam T
High recommended! Josh is very thorough and resolved an ongoing knee issue.
Ellie clarke
I have been seeing Josh for the past 4 years for a number of different sports injuries, general aches and pains, and rehabilitation following surgery. I cannot recommend Josh highly enough. He has enabled me to continue playing sport through all of the above.
John Petchey
I came to Joshua at the start of January with a badly 'strained' right shoulder and arm. I had pain all around the shoulder, pain in the biceps tendon right the way down my arm, and pain in my biceps and triceps. The mobility in my arm was greatly compromised, I could not lift it above my head, nor could I move my arm behind my back. If I jolted my arm it hurt badly. I saw Joshua weekly through January, February and March. All the pains have gone! I have recovered 90% of my mobility, and every week brings me neared to 100%. I am very happy with the treatments given by Joshua. The Centre is very easy to get to, and there is ample parking available. I thoroughly recommend.
Josh provides me with a professional Sports Massage service. Would highly recommend!.
holly meacham
Definitely recommend josh he found the reason i was having leg pain which is great! He has helped me with a plan and going back for more sessions to improve it. I highly recommend him!
Matt Parfitt
Josh has been excellent! I've had a long standing issue with my right elbow caused by an operation and poor post physio provided by an elbow clinic. I decided to contact Josh to see if he could help get my elbow movement range back and over the course of a few appointments, Josh has worked wonders. I highly recommend.
Pauli Breakeyi
A very good sport massage worked on my burstists for 2 years much improved movement
Caroline J
Never had a deep tissue massage before so was interested to try one as issues in my neck and shoulders .Joshua put me at ease straight away.He was professional and explained clearly what and why he was doing everything. Happily recommend him to others.
Josh was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when I saw him about my issues with sciatica. Would definitely recommend.

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